The terms of the NEO Moissanite warranty applies to NEO Moissanite gemstones only. NEO Moissanite gemstones are subject to the terms as set forth below. The NEO warranty does not warrant against theft, loss, or misuse of your NEO Moissanite gemstone. Regular maintenance, and a yearly or bi-yearly checkup of your NEO Moissanite with the original jeweler or store of purchase is required.

  • The NEO warranty is non-transferable. (No more than one registration member per numbered certification).
  • The NEO warranty covers changes to the optical properties (Color and Clarity) of the NEO gemstone.
  • The NEO warranty carries an “extended warranty to the original retail store only.” Where, “the original NEO Moissanitepurchase was made.” This warranty guarantees Neo Moissanite will retain its inherent brilliance, fire and colorlessness, and warrants against defects in material and workmanship. It does not cover chipping, breaking, scratching, abrasions or damage as a result of misuse, abuse or loss.
  • YOU retain your original receipt, or provide bank or credit card transaction copies as proof of your original NEO Moissanite purchase.
  • YOU return to the original place of purchase for any NEO Moissanite replacement. Note: If the original place of purchase is no longer in business, please visit your local jeweler and have them contact us at 740.373.1971.