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What is Neo Moissanite?

NEO, while rare on earth, is remarkably common in space. It is a form of stardust found around carbon-rich stars. Only NEO Moissanite provides the clarity, colorlessness and hardness of a nearly perfect diamond. Once unattainable to all but a few, this dazzling brilliance is now within reach.

Where Can I Get It?

Select jewelers across the country sell this brilliant stone in a variety of settings of your choice from earrings to pendants, rings to bracelets. Enter your 5 digit zip code below to locate a NEO jeweler in your area.



How Does the Cost
Compare to a Diamond?

NEO Moissanite provides the $8,000 fire and sparkle of a one carat diamond at a cost of about $500. You’ll be amazed when you compare a NEO Moissanite to a diamond at your nearest dealer.

The Neo Warranty

As members of the elite group of NEO owners, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. With each NEO gemstone or jewelry purchase, you will receive a certified and numbered registration and warranty card. The First Neo warranty covers the gemstone portion of your purchase for the lifetime of original ownership.

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About First Neo

NEO is the only conflict-free and true ethical source of colorless Moissanite in the world. NEO Moissanite is available only from First NEO, with the Ideal Hearts & Arrow cut performed by a master cutter and faceted to fiery perfection.